You wouldn’t protest the Electoral College if you understood it.

The protests about the popular vote and about the election outcome are wildly childish and show an irresponsible lack of education about our system. I suppose this is what we should expect raising a generation of children who get awards for participation and thinks John Stewart was a news source. I also wonder how many of these protesters actually even voted.

This map shows why the founding fathers were brilliant in establishing the electoral college. It’s because without it, literally just a few cities in America could choose the president for the entire country. The blue dots would be the only places candidates would even campaign, and those peoples’ issues would be the only ones represented.

The electoral college makes sure that every state gets representation in the executive branch. It makes sure that every citizen in a small town has a voice. It forces the presidential candidates to be acceptable to a majority of the states, not a majority of the population. It’s brilliant. It’s genius in its fairness. It’s one of the greatest things about our electoral process.

We are not a democracy. We have never been a democracy. Pure democracy would be one of the most evil forms of government on earth. We are a representative republic, so getting representation for all people is critically important. This is just one of the ways the founding fathers outsmarted these riotous thugs 230 years ago.