I’m a Trump supporter, not a monster.


A rather despicable article has been posted to The Daily Kos, a pretty far left-leaning website, claiming any and all supporters of Donald Trump should be immediately branded with seven negative attributes. You see, it’s totally wrong to make blind assumptions about ethnic or religious minorities, or women, or gays, but people supporting a particular political candidate? Well, those bastards can fry.

It’s similar to the irrationally venomous and hateful, extremely fact-challenged and race-baiting “TuckFrump” movement, who posted one of the most vulgar, crude, and ugly political videos in history. (NSFW – language). That someone would actually put their child up to do this is beyond contemptible.

I don’t like my blog to venture into politics or religion for precisely this sort of reason, but after seeing good friends share the article, and the comments of other friends actually agreeing with the contents, I needed to push back.

And I understand why they’re doing it. Trump doesn’t sway under fierce attack. So, shift the battle from the man himself and start attacking his supporters. Hillary Clinton did it just the other day, calling half of us “deplorables”, and the other half, “desperate”.

Folks, if you are sharing this kind of bigoted garbage, you are a HUGE part of the problem. Here’s why:

I am supporting Donald Trump because I want to see an America that brings back and honors the trades and blue-collar jobs we’ve lost so many of. I also live at the US / Mexico border (10 years now) and see firsthand the corruption and dangers that leech across our borders as they stand wide-open.

No, he’s not my ideal candidate. No, he’s not perfect. I wish he wouldn’t say some of the things he’s said. But then, I regret an awful lot of the things I’ve said, too.

He, like all of us, is immeasurably flawed. But the people who created the mess the country is in – and I blame the establishment in both parties – will NOT be the people to change its course. We need new blood. And in a choice between a flawed candidate whom I believe genuinely loves his country (and one the establishment in both parties hates with a passion), and a globalist establishment candidate whom I believe still wants to “take us down a notch”, I want the outsider. DC is a disaster area. It’s corrupt to the core. THAT’S what I want to see fixed.

Does this make me all of the things in this post many of you are now gleefully sharing? Does it make me even ONE of the things this arrogant fool wrote about people like me?

We’re not enemies just because we disagree on how to lead the country forward. And frankly, none of the politicians gives a damn about you or me. We’re votes for them to move their agendas forward. They only interact with us because they HAVE to every few years.

Please look at this post, and others like it, and ask yourselves: is this ANY different than blanket assumptions about Hillary voters? Is this ANY different than stereotypes about certain ethnicities?

And finally, this: though there are many Trump supporters the media has successfully shamed into silence with crap like this, the support for an outsider candidate remains and is growing. (I think Nov. 8 is going to be a big wake-up call to the world just how ready we are for new leadership.)

But now you have one Trump supporter who stands up and proudly claims his preference.

I’m for Donald Trump for President.

Does that change your perception of the person you know? If it does, then the problem is YOUR bias, not mine.