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My name is Jeremy Torgerson. I’m a fifth-generation native of Denver, Colorado (go Broncos), a husband and dad to two grown kids, and professionally, a financial advisor running my own firm in Colorado and Texas. I blog and podcast about personal finance, and have recently started narrating audio books on Audible.

Welcome to my online man cave and writing archive. This will be one of the most eclectic blogs you’ll ever visit. In terms of subject matter, it’s all over the place. At times, it’ll be raw and personal, and at other times, it’ll be funny and irreverent. You’ll probably think that at some times, it will get preachy. But always, it will be honest.

That brutal sincerity is part of the nature of the work I do, but it’s also indicative of the kind of personality I have. I take world events and my work and the needs of others seriously. Me? Not so much.

As Randle McMurphy in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Brownsville TX, May 2015

My first love, one I didn’t pursue professionally but often wish I had, is acting. After 22 years away, however, my daughter convinced me to return to it, and I did in 2014. I joined a company of local theater actors in Brownsville, TX and have filmed a Christian mini-series in south Texas. And there’ll be more to come. So, you’ll get occasional posts about creating a character, the world of theater, or personal growth related to chasing your dreams.

But my day job isn’t theater. There’s an old joke: what’s the difference between an actor and a pizza? (A pizza can feed a family of four.) To make ends meet, early in my marriage, I managed restaurants, eventually working my way up the ladder, and finally creating my own concept and owning two of my own for several years. We also owned a large independent video store at the same time, so the Torgersons were very busy people; three businesses and two kids in elementary school. It was a hell of a way to spend a decade.

After the Great Recession began (and that was a couple of years before it showed up in the stock market), our businesses, like many others, fell on very hard times, as the video industry dissolved and a wave of home foreclosures in our restaurant trade areas dropped our sales. We went out of business in early 2007. And it was during that process (literally seeing the entire lifecycle of a small business up close), that I realized there must be many other families just like ours, with a dream to run a business, without good financial education and planning to back them up. It was my desire to help other families like ours that originally prompted me to become a financial advisor. I moved our family to south Texas and began my new career helping educate businesses and families about money in the poorest part of America, the Rio Grande Valley.

Your friendly financial advisor, doing battle with a crooked industry.

I started my FA career with a large national firm as an employee advisor, but very quickly realized the industry is loaded with conflicts of interest, hidden fees and charges, and a whole lot of bullshit being fed to clients, which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to do as an advisor. So as soon as my contract allowed me to, I left that firm and formed my own.

The financial services industry as a whole still infuriates me regularly, and so occasionally you’ll see me “pull back the curtain” on this industry and show you the nasty underbelly. I won’t go into specifics about financial services or financial concepts here: that’s for my personal finance blog and my company’s blog. But when the industry pisses me off (and that will always be about how hard they try to NOT do the right things for their customers), this will be my place to vent. As a consumer, you’ll learn a lot about that smiling salesperson you trusted with your life savings.

But I digress.

My forever home: the beautiful and incomparable Denver, Colorado.

In 2017, we got one kid out of college (two years early on a full-ride scholarship – YAY SON!), and one out of high school, and were able to move back home to Colorado. You never really appreciate a place until you leave and come back, and so you many occasionally get a blog post of me just gushing about this beautiful place I call home.

I’m also a pretty staunch fiscal conservative (socially, I’m what I’d call “honest”). The years in business and helping others with their money have made me so. So yeah, you’ll get political commentary here too, but I’ll try to keep it brief, factual, and if there’s any way to do it, funny. I think most of the people in Washington deserve to be laughed at, regularly, and I’ll do my part here on this blog.

Ultiumately I just wanted this blog to be my personal intellectual and artistic hang-out; one you are welcome to take peeks into. I decided to allow comments (unless they get hostile or spammy), so feel free to chat a little.  Ideally, this blog is just a place for a busy Gen X-er, a dad, hubby, and business owner, to let it hang out. I don’t plan to count visitors, or play with meta-tags, or analyze your comings and goings. This is my play place, nothing more.



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