I choose you.

So much division in this country. Why? Where is this coming from?

The thing to ask yourself is, who profits from having you and I distrust each other? Who benefits when neighbor is suspicious of neighbor? Who gains when blacks and whites, or gays and straights, or faithful and secular eye each other with hostility, fear, and resentment? Who wins when you and I hate each other?

Folks, we’re being played.

I’ve made up my mind to be just one voice saying, “Enough.”

Whether you are white, black, or brown, male or female, gay or straight, rich or poor, educated or not, white-collar or blue-collar, or want Trump or Hillary, you’re still my countryman and neighbor.

You don’t have to think like I do, vote like I do, or look like I do. I choose to be your friend.

You don’t have to love the way I love. I love you anyway.

You don’t have to want what I want for the country. It’s still your country as much as it is mine. We’ll work our differences out.

You don’t have to see things my way. I’ll still see you as a fellow traveler and kindred spirit.

I’m making the decision to lay down my cynicism, lower my guard, put down my sword. There is a time to cast stones and a time to gather them. I’m choosing that, for me, it’s time to gather.

I’m not surrendering. I’ll still passionately argue my point of view, and push for what I believe in. I just choose to honor you with respect, dignity, and grace while I do it.

I’ll likely not be perfect. But I’ll try. And I’ll get better. That’s all I can do.

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