You wouldn’t protest the Electoral College if you understood it.

The protests about the popular vote and about the election outcome are wildly childish and show an irresponsible lack of education about our system. I suppose this is what we should expect raising a generation of children who get awards for participation and thinks John Stewart was a news source. I also wonder how manyRead moreRead more

I’m a Trump supporter, not a monster.

A rather despicable article has been posted to The Daily Kos, a pretty far left-leaning website, claiming any and all supporters of Donald Trump should be immediately branded with seven negative attributes. You see, it’s totally wrong to make blind assumptions about ethnic or religious minorities, or women, or gays, but people supporting a particular politicalRead moreRead more

I choose you.

So much division in this country. Why? Where is this coming from? The thing to ask yourself is, who profits from having you and I distrust each other? Who benefits when neighbor is suspicious of neighbor? Who gains when blacks and whites, or gays and straights, or faithful and secular eye each other with hostility,Read moreRead more

Creating a Character – Randle P. McMurphy, Part 2

Just finished the first weekend’s run for the Camille Playhouse’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, in which I play the protagonist, Randall McMurphy. The theater gave us only 3 weeks of rehearsals before opening night, so I’ve had very little time to work on the development of this character, let alone write about the process. Now,Read moreRead more

Creating a Character – Randle P. McMurphy, Part 1

Concurrent with my work on the “Unconditional Love” series, I was also cast as the lead in the Camille Playhouse’s last show of this season, the highly celebrated play One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. I will be filming two to three episodes of the mini-series, and performing the six-night run of Cuckoo’s Nest within theRead moreRead more

Creating a character – Jesus of Nazareth, part 2

I thought I would have much more time before the shooting of the first of six episodes of the Christian mini-series, to flesh out a convincing and authentic portrayal of Jesus. We weren’t supposed to begin filming until late May. However, Episode 2 features a mostly-college-aged cast, and spring break is this coming week (March 9),Read moreRead more

Creating a character – Jesus of Nazareth, part 1

How fast the acting career is starting to ramp back up! I’ve accepted a role in an upcoming Christian mini-series, in which I will be playing Jesus Christ. I have to say, coming off of the role of Leroy Jenkins in Bad Seed, this was literally swinging from one side of the pendulum to the otherRead moreRead more

5 things I learned re-igniting my passion

I was asked by a good friend to post on what it was like to return to a calling that I loved and was very good at, after a 20+ year hiatus. Specifically, she wanted to hear about the fear I might have felt, about overcoming self-confidence problems, and maybe even what it’s like to be “overRead moreRead more

Creating a Character, Part 6 – Leroy Jessup

Two weeks ago, we wrapped production of Bad Seed, and I wanted to share a brief post about the character, now that I’m looking back at the work in retrospect. Feedback from cast and audience members gave me the following few insights: 1) My Leroy was very different than the character portrayed by Henry JonesRead moreRead more

Creating a Character, Part 5 – Leroy Jessup

One sentence can change everything. Yesterday, we concluded the first three performances of Bad Seed. We have three more to go. As I mentioned in Part 4 about creating this character, I realized only after witnessing an audience’s reaction to Leroy, that he was a little too dark. His sinister and brooding attitude had surpassedRead moreRead more